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Our Services

Our core focuses are based on business principals like integrity, professionalism, education, quality, profitability and education with long-term agreements.

Our experience and expertise in Projects and Turnkey Pilot projects includes:

  • Support

  • Set-up

  • Supply

  • Implementation

  • Training and

  • Management

Agricultural Development & Management 
Water Management
 (Hemcro Water Africa - Technical Partner)


  • Poultry Farming: Broiler chicken, Hatchery, Egg production

  • Cattle Farming: Sheep and Goat farming, and Feeding lots development. (Stud farming)

  • Maize, Soya, Sunflower Farming & Milling Process Plants etc.

  • Horticulture: Irrigation structures.

  • Dairy Farming: Yoghurt, pasteurised milk (long life) processing plants with Tetra packaging

  • Citrus Farming & processing plants: Mango, Pineapple

  • Fish Farming: Aqua culture (project implementation)

  • Water purification structures for farming, rural communities etc.

  • Full farm development: from fencing, planned camps to a profitable entity.

  • Placement of own Support Farm managers: Staying on the farms for day-to-day supportive management etc.

  • Management: Training provided, farm managers and workers.

  • Infrastructure: Buildings, sheds, Dairies, setting up full project units and the supply of required equipment.

  • Abattoirs: Cattle, Poultry.

  • Marketing and Planning, Support and skills Training.

  • Subsistence Farming and Small Scale Farming Development Consultation.

  • Management and Consulting / Soil Analysis.

  • Full Procurement and Upgrading of existing systems.

  • Import and Export.

  • Waste & Water Purification.

  • Supply of Water purification systems (containerised).

  • Industrial effluent treatment and re-use.

  • Biological treatment in activated sludge systems.

  • Acid mine drainage treatment.

  • Natural treatment systems and wetlands.

  • Disposal of sludge and brine residues.

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