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About Africa Agriculture Management 24/7

A family of farmers who implemented their discussions founded this company. Through combining diverse expertise, experience and associations in agriculture, water & health, engineering, business management, technical know-how and management of all fields to solve clients' needs in their culture with available resources under their conditions.


Sustainable Agricultural and Health Infrastructure Development for Africa with a focus on independence and wealth.

  • To be recognised as the market leader in all aspect of our service.

  • To continue to develop resources, adding training skills and expertise.

  • To enhance professionalism in the operation and delivery of all our services.

We use our entrepreneurial skills and visionary to add value to services, products and combined projects to satisfy the needs of our clients and to the benefit for people of Africa in all of the above mentioned structures.

  • We value developing long-term relationships with our clients.

  • We value the development of excellence in everything that we do.

  • We value each client as a unique contributor to our success.


We aim to create infrastructure standards, training and management to enable countries, regions in Africa to be self-sufficient in all aspects of business.  It is of great importance that Africa's natural resources be utilised to its full capacity in providing wealth and food to its people.

We specialise in supplying total solutions from business analysis, management, business consultancy, requirements analysis, planning, design, implementation, diagnosis and most important of all training and maintenance.  We are a skilled focus, orientated and experienced team with enough knowledge to recognise our lack in efficiency of certain skills, which we rather outsource but are willing to walk the extra mile without request.

We take pride in providing solutions to establish self-sustaining infrastructures and training in Africa for Africa.

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