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Food Security is the Solution for a healthier,

sustainable future

for Africa

Welcome to Africa Agriculture 24/7
Austra White chicken
John Deere Farming
Sheep in Meadow
Austra white chickens

This company was founded in 1947 with a different name and changed in 2003 to AAM 24/7. Here at Africa Agriculture Management 24/7, our aim is to solve clients' needs in their culture with available resources under their conditions, through combining diverse expertise, experience and associations in various fields, such as agriculture, water & health, engineering, business management, technical know-how and management across all these fields. One of our main focuses is to ensure food security.


Various projects with different customers in different countries were accepted by role players and we are currently underway in South Africa, Malawi and Nigeria. Our diversity ranges from supplying, planning, administration to implementation of structures, as well as the supply of products after an assessment of specific needs and requirements.

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